Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mind vs. Heart

Heart: "I love him..."

Mind: "well, stop."

Heart: "The moment I cease to love him, is the moment I cease to beat."

Mind: "..."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


You are no help to my academic career, seriously. :| You're so attached to my mind and I can't get you out. What must I do? I have plenty of things that I have to finish before this night ends. Apparently, this night will end in just a minute, it's already 11:59 PM, and I haven't done anything yet. See what you've done? See? If I fail just one subject, it is for you to blame. Mkaaay?

raychuhl - so into YOU <3

NO Facebook + NO Twitter = TORTURE

How come I can't visit the Twitter? I thought Facebook and YouTube are the only site that was blocked? Well, I thought wrong. Suckerssss! It's kinda strange that I'm surfing the net without having Facebook and Twitter on my tabs. UGH!!! It's very rare of me to write in this blog, but then I have to unleash this feeling which I usually do on Twitter, tweeting nonstop. Aaaaay. Well, I've got plenty of things to do; prepare for my report, review for quizzes on Interpersonal Communication, Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino and Philippine Literature, write a thought paper regarding "How We Human Fall into Sin", and and and prepare myself for our short skit where I play a role of a sister who had sex with his brother [eeeek!]. It's almost 8:13 pm so better be starting. Ciao! :)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Worlds 10 biggest LIES

"I agree to the terms and conditions."
"No, there will not be any boys."
"Sorry, my mom said I can't hang out."
"I left my homework at home."
"I think I'm sick."
"No, I don't have a boyfriend."
"Thanks, its.....cute."
"Hows life? Pretty good."
"I'm OKAY."

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yankee! Me likey! :D

Oooh, Kean! Everytime I see your rockstar ragged face, you make my heart tingling. Aaah. Dahil sayo hindi ako makagawa ng sandamukal na reaction papers. Your evil face makes me go loco over you. You look like my ex celebrity crush, Mike He, you're as HOT as he is. Aaah. I wish you could serenade me like what you did to Mam Chanil on episode 4 of BFGF.
Haaay. Kean Edward Cipriciano, ikaw ang aking bagong kinagigiliwan. :D

BALIW! -Rachel :D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Personal Profile [from Interpersonal Communication HW :D]

Making a personal account is like filling out my Facebook and Friendster ‘About Me’ section. Apparently, the ‘About Me’ section of my social networking sites is empty and nonsense. In my Facebook Info; “ugh. ME? La la la la la.” In my Friendster site, lyrics of a song of Casting Crowns entitled Who Am I. Senseless huh? The main reason for this; I don’t know myself pretty much.

Let me introduce myself in the easiest way I know. I’m Rachel Gem Cuizon Venus, my first name was derived from the Bible, Rachel was the woman whom Jacob worked for seven years to marry, my second name was derived from my Mom’s name, and the other reason is I’m my Mom and Dad’s gem—precious one. I’m 15 years old, whenever I tell people that I’m fifteen, somehow they would get puzzled because I don’t look like 15 years old, I’m more like 17 or 19 years old, my Mom says that people would think that I’m older than they think because I rarely smile. I belong to a Born Again Christian family, my Dad is a pastor, and he being a pastor somehow pressures me because I have to always be prim and proper, be friendlier, talk about religious stuff and all; all of those manners are so not like me, so it’s kind of frustrating. I hate sports, and sports doesn’t like me much either. I started hating sports when we had a PE class when I was in high school, we’re playing volleyball and it’s my turn to serve, I served the ball in the weirdest manner you can ever think, and that’s the most humiliating thing that I’ve ever experienced my entire high school life. Singing doesn’t like me much either, and I would be extremely happy if singing would love me as much as I love her [singing]. Back in high school, I was a politically inclined; I was once a sophomore representative, a Student Council Vice President when I was in 3rd year and eventually became a Student Council President when I was in 4th year. I don’t get why I win every election but I’m really grateful to serve my fellow students. I think the coolest project that I did was to conduct a Medical Mission with the help of our congregation, it was very fulfilling to help the less fortunate people who can’t afford to have a medical check-up. I’m not much of a party person; I’m not the typical kind of teen who would go hopping for a party. I’m more of a movie lover person; I would spend my whole Friday night for movie marathon with some sinful midnight snacks aside. I rarely skip going to church, my whole week would be so incomplete if I won’t go to church. Not that I’m so religious type of person, but I love feeding myself with the messages of the speakers, I love the joy I feel whenever I sing praises to God, and I most certainly love my fellow church members’ company. During my leisure time, I read teen series books. Some of my books were a given to me as a gift, some were bought by my Mom; some were bought by me at a very low price [Booksale]. Recently I have had a collection of The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison; those books are pretty cool for a teenager in my age.

My life isn’t that interesting though, it’s not the Maalaala Mo Kaya type, and it’s just simple as it is. I have an ordinary family whom I extremely love; I would rather lose everything than to lose them. They’re the greatest gift that God had given me. All throughout my living years, they never left me behind, they gave me their everlasting support, they are the ones who motivate me in everything I do, and without them I AM NOTHING.

I don’t have that ramp model figure, almond-shaped eye, pouty lips, and all the beautiful aspect a woman could ever have. I don’t have those. I have 250-300 eye vision and I have the awful flat nose. All of these imperfections make perfectly ME. Yes, I do have insecurities, well who doesn’t? Despite of these imperfections I have, I can shine in my own beautiful ways. You don’t have to look beautiful to be beautiful, if you yourself think that you have the most beautiful outlook, the people around you would of that also. You just have to feel beautiful to be beautiful.

I never imagined that I’m able to make a personal profile on my own, I’ve always thought that describing me is the hardest thing that I would do. For an instance, whenever someone asks me to tell something about myself, I would pause for a moment, just stare blankly and nothing comes out of my mouth. Dumb huh? Apparently, so far I have written 819 words and those mere words are the instruments of modifying me. For some people maybe they what think of it as “So what?”, but for me that really means a lot.

So there you have it… Me myself and I. Now you see me, and now you don’t. That’s so Rachel. J

Friday, July 2, 2010

Goals of Psychology

Over the weekend, I have observed my best friend, Arvie. We’ve been best friends ever since the world began. Even we have very opposite personality, we get along pretty much. I must define her through the acronym of F.R.I.E.N.D. F-fearless [she always stands for what she believes in] R-raring [always enthusiastic in all she does] I-intelligent [Class Valedictorian, scholar in Lyceum Laguna] E-extremely helpful in times of need [always ready to listen to my dilemmas] N-never say no [the word NEVER is not in her vocabulary, she keeps moving forward and expanding her visions] D-make your day [though were not classmates we see each other every Saturday in church, without her, my Saturday would be blank]. She has this extraordinary personality that others might not understand, but I, as her best friend, truly understand her. She knows half of my life but she rarely talks about her life. But I guess that’s just how she is, mysterious. Back then, she’s the boyish Arvie I know; now she’s turning into a beautiful swan that everyone adores. As time pass by, I discover a lot of things that I don’t know before about her. Even though we’ve been friends since birth, I still want to know more and more about her. Arvie, she’s the sister of my soul.

As I have said in the description, Arvie stands for what she believes in. She told me one time about her issue regarding her school’s principal. Since she’s the class valedictorian, she has to make a valedictory speech and before she delivers the speech, the principal must check it first. After the principal checked her speech, she was pissed off because the principal made a lot of changes which made her speech very different from what she did. On her graduation day, she didn’t deliver the speech that her principal did, but instead it was an impromptu speech. She just said what she wants to say and poof... that’s it!

I see Arvie 10 years from now as a lawyer, though she’s taking up engineering right now. Being a lawyer definitely suits her, she’ll win a lot of cases for sure. Or at least she’ll be a great debater or a very opinionative reporter by then. None of these has anything to do with the course she’s taking up right now; I’m just making a prediction. But if she’s going to be any of these as her profession, I think she’d be really good at it.

Change… [Naaaah!]
Personally, I just want Arvie to just stay the way she is. I love the way she expresses herself in her own way.